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Fluorad 150
Testphantom for acceptance testing of X-ray exposure and fluoroscopy equipment (acc. DIN 6868/150).

With the
"Fluorad 150"
testphantom it is possible to measure the following parameters:

- Dynamic Range
- Contrast Resol.
- Spatial Resolution
- Beam Quality
- Homogeneity


The copper plate within the details is bedded in acrylglass plates.
The acrylglass is white, so that the light beam can be better seen under spotlight conditions.
The structures are painted on booth sides of the testphantom.

Testphantom per German standard (DIN 6868/13) for constancy tests of digital radiography equipment (e.g. storage phosphor or full digital).

With "DIGRAD A+K" you are able to measure all parameters required by above standard:
- dynamic range
- contrast resolution
- homogeneity
- spatial resolution
- position and size of the effective radiation field

Absorption Filter
25 mm aluminum filter w/ insertion frame for mounting near X-Ray tube.
Also available with insertable dose-detector.
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